Professional Referrals

Our Model of Care/Our Difference

At Genesis Behavioral Health, you’ll find psychiatric professionals that combine the science of psychiatry with human compassion to heal your body, mind and spirit. We are dedicated to your patient’s health and well-being – getting them well quickly, effectively and the best way possible. Unique to Genesis Behavioral Health, we provide counselors and psychotherapy during TMS sessions. We offer both individual, couples and family counseling sessions, as well as group therapy – including a group dedicated to TMS patients. 

How to Refer

Genesis Behavioral Health is committed to professional collaboration. We believe our referral sources are an essential part of treatment and ensure that you are involved throughout the admission, treatment and discharge process. 

Referrals for Psychiatry or Counseling (Individual, Couples and Family) can be phoned into the office at 210-404-9696, faxed to 210-404-9466 or e-mailed to Tammy Barnard at

Referrals for TMS can be phoned in to the office at 210-404-9696 (ask for Lilly Sanchez, TMS Coordinator), faxed to 210-404-9466 or e-mailed to

What makes my client a TMS candidate?

  • A diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder
  • 2-4 failed antidepressants (dependent on insurer)
  • Currently in psychotherapy (or in the past)
  • No metal inside the head (dental materials are okay); no cochlear implants
  • Not in a current state of psychosis or active alcohol or drug abuse
  • Most major insurance policies cover TMS with the above criteria

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