Psychiatric Evaluation & Treatment

Increasingly, medical science is showing us that psychiatric conditions are not simply ‘psychological,’ but are complex interactions between mind and body, relationships, and spirituality. Although diagnosis of psychiatric conditions is less precise than other areas of medicine, having the correct diagnosis is very important.

Many important treatment decisions require an accurate diagnosis and an understanding of medications and their effect on the rest of the body. We make every effort to carefully evaluate the factors contributing to the problems you’re having. We continue to re-evaluate them to grow in our understanding of how to help you. We do so mainly by listening to you; we then evaluate what you are telling us by our knowledge and experience. We are your partner, special advisor, and supporter in returning to full mental health.




Good News! Genesis now has counseling services. The evidence is clear that combining therapy with psychiatric care can dramatically improve results for many patients as opposed to either treatment alone. This is true for patients with a wide range of needs including those with depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, or personality issues.

However, at Genesis we are going a step further. Patients who see our medical team and our counseling team will be receiving truly collaborative mental health care. We have regular conferences with both teams to ensure that each patient’s care is guided by the impact of both medical and therapy approaches. Furthermore, the documentation of both medical and therapy sessions are stored as one patient record, so both teams will be aware of each other’s progress in the care of patients.

Please call our office for more information and to schedule your appointment with our Therapists.

Our Current Counseling Groups

Depression/Anxiety Process Group
9:00-10:00 am Mondays
Facilitators: Kristin Collins and Lilly Sanchez
7:00-8:00pm Tuesdays
Facilitators: Hunter Verheul and Carly Ward

TMS Support Group
6:00-7:00pm Tuesdays

Depression/Anxiety Process Group

The purpose of this group is to have a safe place to process the trials and emotions of depression and anxiety with a community of others who can relate. This is a non-judgmental space that allows for individuals to talk and encourage one another through the challenges they endure due to depression and anxiety.

Cost: $40 per group

How to sign up: No need to schedule ahead of time. Show up for group a few minutes early in order to pay and get on the group roster for the night.

Ask your provider today for more details, or contact Kristin Collins for more information at or (210) 404-9696.

TMS Support Group

TMS support group is open to any patients who are either a prior or present TMS patient here at Genesis. The purpose of the group is to build community within the TMS patients as they journey through the 6 weeks of TMS. The group is a closed group meaning that you need to join the 6 week group by the second meeting. The reason for this being a closed group is to allow the people in the group to build community and feel comfortable sharing each week. The 6 week group is designed to fill the patients tool boxes with coping skills in order to deal with outside stressors of life. A lot of the time TMS does scientifically what it needs to do in order to get the patients feeling better however, every patient still goes home to the same external stressors. This group allows a space to learn counseling coping skills in order to prevent relapse and start building a healthier life style.

Cost: $15 per group

Ask your provider today for more details, or contact Lilly Sanchez for more information at or (210) 404-1273.

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