Meet the Team

Edmund Williams TMS

Edmund P. “Ted” Williams, IV, MD

Nicholas Gaultney TMS

Nicholas Gaultney, PMHNP-BC

Suzanne Perakathu TMS

Suzanne Perakathu, PMHNP-BC

Gary Dunham TMS

Gary Dunham, PA-C

Jennifer Harris TMS

Jennifer Harris, PA-C

Rozalia Carrasco TMS

Rozalia Carrasco, PA-C

Denise Castro TMS

Denise Castro, MS, LPC

Kristin Collins TMS

Kristin Collins, MS, LPC, NCC

Carly Ward TMS

Carly Ward, MA, LPC, NCC

Hunter Verheul TMS

Hunter Verheul, MS, LPC, NCC

Lily Sanchez TMS

Lilly Sanchez, M.S., LPC-Intern, NCC

Supervised by Zulema Magana, LPC-S License #61555


Practice Manager
Kelley Hinojosa

Front Office Medical Administrators
Molly, Victor, Haley, Cara

Ray, Shannon, Lili

Medical Records & Medication Prior Authorizations
Mary Lee

Lilly, Tammy, Lili, Hunter, Carly

Medical Assistant

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