About Us

Making lives better through healing and hope. Our primary mission is to show the love of God by providing people with great mental health care. God shows his love in many ways, and especially through healing and hope. In our work, we show his love best by being excellent and loving in the care that we give.

Our secondary missions include education and research. To educate clinicians-in-training about mental health care and to engage in research to advance the field in mental health.

Meet the Team

Edmund Williams TMS

Edmund P. “Ted” Williams, IV, MD

Nicholas Gaultney TMS

Nicholas Gaultney, PMHNP-BC

Suzanne Perakathu TMS

Suzanne Perakathu, PMHNP-BC

Jennifer Harris TMS

Jennifer Harris, PA-C

Rozalia Carrasco TMS

Rozalia Carrasco, PA-C

Denise Castro TMS

Denise Castro, MS, LPC

Melissa Waterfield-Copeland, MA, MBA, LPC, LCDC, ACS

Monica Conlee, MS, LPC-Intern Supervised by Sonia Dimas LPC-S License #19843

Kristin Collins TMS

Kristin Collins, MS, LPC, NCC

Carly Ward TMS

Carly Ward, MA, LPC, NCC

Hunter Verheul TMS

Hunter Verheul, MS, LPC, NCC

Lily Sanchez TMS

Lilly Sanchez, M.S., LPC, NCC

TMS Team

TMS Treaters: Hunter Verheul, Lili Flores, Lilly Sanchez, Tamara Barnard & Carly Ward

Not Pictured: Kristin Collins, Denise Castro, Melissa Waterfield-Copeland & Cody Bingheim

Practice Manager
Kelley Hinojosa

Front Office Medical Administrators
Victor, Cara, Hector, Ariana, Alejandra, Gary, Aubrie, Sara

Ray, Lili, Cody, Shannon

Medical Records & Medication Prior Authorizations
Mary Lee

Front Office Supervisor

Medical Assistant

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